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If your teeth require straightening, you’ll be happy to note that there are a variety of solutions today for you to choose from. However, traditional metal braces remain the most popular and effective option, especially if you require extensive realigning to achieve a perfect smile. If traditional metal braces are an option from your orthodontist, it’s worth investigating this option further to consider both its advantages and disadvantages.

When it comes to extreme overcrowding and other more severe alignment issues, traditional braces are the most effective. Clear braces, such as Invisalign, are usually only suitable for less severe alignment issues where not as much force is required to bring the teeth into proper alignment. For this reason, traditional metal braces can also be used in minor situations to achieve straighter teeth faster since your dentist will be able to adjust them to your comfort levels with ease and achieve more rapid treatment in some situations.

The main disadvantage of conventional metal braces is that they will change the appearance of your mouth. For teenagers and adults especially, many patients opt for another treatment to avoid this. Additionally, your metal braces will need to be cleaned carefully and you won’t be able to brush your teeth as normal. This means you will have to spend some extra time making sure that your teeth are being well taken care of throughout the course of your straightening plan.

After your metal braces have been removed, you’ll be given a specially molded retainer to wear at night which will help keep your teeth from falling back into their prior alignment. Retainers should be worn regularly to keep your straight teeth looking their best. If you had your braces installed at a young age before the bones finished forming, your teeth will be less likely to shift back out of alignment.

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