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Technology has greatly impacted the dental industry, and one of the ways in which it has improved the work of your local dentist is through digital X-rays. The power of digital technology has made X-rays safer and more convenient than ever. By emitting lower amounts of radiation and by taking every precaution available to protect our patients, you can confidently have digital X-rays taken and keep your dental health on track.

Today, if you would like to have X-rays taken so your dentist can get a more in-depth view of your dental health, the physical process of taking a digital X-ray is quite simple. Your dentist will begin by inserting a sensor into your mouth, allowing them to capture multiple images of your teeth. This digital sensor is entirely electronic, and it will be connected directly to an in-office computer.

This computer will almost instantly project the X-ray on screen for you and your dentist to view. The primary benefit of the digital X-ray is the lowered amount of radiation, but you’ll also get to benefit from the increased speed, ease, and convenience of the digital radiography process. Your dental health will also benefit since your dentist gets to see higher quality images. Your digital X-ray can be enlarged to look closely at individual teeth, and your dentist can even adjust color, brightness, and contrast to spot small cavities more easily.

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