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Do you find that your gums are sore and bleed easily? If so, you may be suffering from gum disease, and your dental team is here to help correct that. Roughly three-quarters of adults will be affected with gum disease at some point in their lives, from the milder form known as gingivitis to the more serious type known as periodontitis.

How Can My Dentist Help Relieve My Sore Gums?

When you visit our office, your dentist will recommend a comprehensive examination and cleaning. If your gum disease is mild, the dentist may recommend a better brushing and flossing routine to help your gums heal properly. If you are suffering from periodontitis, your dentist may recommend a deeper clean by scaling and planing the roots of your teeth to help them heal faster.

If you are suffering from sore gums in Luray, don’t wait, schedule your appointment today and let our dental team help provide you relief.

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