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The average adult between ages 20 and 64 has around three missing or decayed teeth. If you are facing this same common issue, you have options. When it comes to repairing missing teeth, dental bridges are a very popular solution that your dentist may recommend.

The most popular type of bridge is a traditional dental bridge. A traditional dental bridge will consist of one or more fake teeth that will be held in your mouth with the use of dental crowns. A dental crown will be cemented onto an adjacent tooth next to the empty space.

If you have natural teeth on both sides of the empty space, a traditional dental bridge can be used. It can even be strong enough to replace a missing molar. The downside to this type of bridge is that the enamel of adjacent teeth will need to be removed to have the crown cemented on top.

Implant-supported bridges are yet another option, and they can be used when you have more than one tooth missing. Rather than using a framework or crowns for support, this uses dental implants. Generally, an implant will be placed for each missing tooth and then used to hold the dental bridge in place. However, your dentist may choose to just use dentures suspended between two implant-supported crowns if placing an implant for each missing tooth isn’t possible. These bridges tend to feel very secure since they have so much support.

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